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While Plate All continues to take the US market by storm, our process has been getting a lot of interest overseas. At this time, Plate All is ...

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How Cold Metal Spraying Works

cold metal sprayingPlate All is a specialized resin solution combined with our special composite metal powders, which, when cold sprayed through a spray gun can be applied to almost any substrate. This creates a solid metal coating of Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Dark Bronze, Copper, Iron, Nickel-Silver, Pewter and our White Gold. Apply Plate All by spraying, brushing, rolling, poured as filler, or cast in a mold. The strength and durability of Plate All offers a versatile range of both interior and exterior applications. Many desired metal finishes can be achieved with ease using Plate All's three step PAP process:

Preparation -- Application -- Presentation


  • Select substrate: wood, metal, ceramic, stoneware, glass, foam, HDU, Styrofoam, formica, granite, marble, concrete, fiberglass, plastic, paper, cardboard and others.
  • Prepare substrate for adherence: sandblast, sand, fill, patch, texture, degrease etc.


  • Combine specialized resin solution and specialized composite metal powder with hardener, based upon square footage of project according to directions in Manual.
  • Spray, brush, roll, or cast, depending upon nature of the project.
  • Sets up hard and dry in about two or four hours. (Based upon ambient air temperatures, curing time may be increased)


  • Finish: Treat chemically at this juncture if antique effect is desired--acid wash, patina; steelwool, sand.
  • Polish: buff / polish to desired luster.

Plate All Covers the World:

Range of shades and textures of metals
Range of application techniques
Range of substrates
Range of finishes