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About: Plate All Metal Coating

cold metal spraying companyPlate All Inc., a Metal Coating company, was founded and started manufacturing this cold spray metal process in 1998. For years, Plate All has been supplying this unique process worldwide to many different industries. We continue to take this market by storm. 

Plate All's mission was to develop a metal coating which would set a new standard of beauty and durability in the world of aesthetic design and utility. Time, effort, and research went into the formation of what is now a viable manufacturing company distinguished by both quality products and quality service to customers.

The integrity of the Plate All metal coating is built upon using sound materials which have been timetested in the marketplace for strength, durability, and longevity.

Plate All will continue its research to assist you, our customer. We welcome all questions, and would like feedback from your experience with our product. We look forward to a productive, prosperous partnership.

*Plate All was proudly chosen to apply our White Gold finish to the famous 1297 Magna Carta exhibit, which is currently on display in The National Archives Museum in Washington DC. We are honored and very proud to have had the chance to be able to work with a piece of history!!!

**Plate All provides ongoing technical support to all our customers/applicators with company trained national representatives.