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What is Plate All?

Plate All is a specialized resin solution combined with various composite metals to form a solid metal appearance on virtually any substrate. 

Why choose Plate All?

Plate All has delevloped a superior product that surpasses all others like it. Our metal coating process has always been consistent in providing the result our customers are looking for. The cost of start up with our company is lower than any of our competitors and we've been selling and manufacturing our process longer than anyone else (since 1998). Additionally, we take pride in the quality of customer serivce our company offers and our team will do anything possible to accommodate you. We are always available by phone to discuss any of your needs. Last but not least, our product is always shipped the same day, if not the next!

Is Plate All paint?

No, Plate All is not a paint. You cannot apply Plate All like you are applying paint; special methods/techniques are required for proper application.

How durable is Plate All?

Once Plate All has been applied to a properly prepped substrate, it will not crack, chip, peel, shrink, delaminate or even rust through to the substrate. Plate All can be applied to flexible surfaces as well.

Can Plate All be used outdoors?

Yes, Plate All has built in UV-protection and is used outside in the environment in an array of different climates. Plate All was saltwater tested to withstand 25+ years of exposure in the environment.

Is a special training program mandatory for Plate All?

No, although we do offer training programs, the only thing we do make mandatory is the purchase of our Training Manual & DVD, as this process is not like applying paint and requires special techniques and methods. (Training recommended).

How thick is Plate All when applied?

Plate All, when sprayed goes on about 0.008-0.010 Mils thick. Generally one coat is ideal.

Is there any heat involved?

None what so ever! The Plate All process is strictly a cold spray process.

Does Plate All conduct electricity?

No, Plate All will not conduct electricity and is non-galvanic.

How many square feet will Plate All cover?

A full kit of Plate All consists of: 1 Gallon of Specialized resin solution, 4oz MEKP and 24lbs of metal. Depending on the metal used you will get 140-240 square feet out of a kit (Also depending on applicators experience and ability)

How do I achieve a patina look with Plate All?

Since Plate All is a real living finish, it will naturally patina over time like real metal should. You can apply a patina/acid wash to the product to speed up the aging process.

Can Plate All be casted?

Yes, Plate All has a specialized casting resin.

How long will it take to receive my Plate All order?

Most orders are shipped out same day if placed before 12 noon EST.