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Copper coatings new trend for home decor

Posted by on December 11, 2013

Copper is one the oldest metals known to man and it are starting to make its comeback into home decor. Many interior designers around the globe are getting big interest from home owners about having copper in their homes. 

Picture this, having a real living copper finish tabletop, range hood and even a back splash around your kitchen. Not only will copper give you such a warm feeling in your home, it also has antimicrobial propererties properties in the alloy. If you were to have a copper tabletop in your kitchen, the living copper finish will kill unwanted bacteria/germs on contact. 

With copper starting to become an 'in' trend again, our customers who are interior designers, custom cabinetry makers and millworkers have been very busy lately giving their clients a unique and true copper finish in their homes.

What's stopping you from giving your home a new look? Give us a call today and let us help your imagination come to life!