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What is Plate All?

cold metal sprayPlate All is a cold spray metal process, that changes the way you work with metal. Plate All developed a newly specialized resin solution combined with special composite metal powders. When mixed with the composite metal powder, we call it Plate All Metal Coating and it can be applied to almost any substrate, creating a solid metal appearance with the attributes of solid metal. While Plate All is generally applied by cold spray application, you can also apply Plate All by brushing, rolling and even casting. Since Plate All offers such an array of specialized composite metal powders, numerous shades, textures, and finishes can be achieved using the Plate All product.

Plate All is easy to apply, goes on smooth, and sets up quickly. When Plate All is cold sprayed, it’s applied about .008 - .010 mils thick which gives it the strength and durability. When Plate All is applied properly it won’t chip, crack or delaminate. Plate All is a non-corrosive, non-conductive and UV protected metal coating. Plate All is a superior coating used for both interior and exterior applications.

cold metal coating Plate All continues its ongoing research to bring you, our customers the highest quality products available. We welcome questions; we especially welcome and solicit feedback from your experience with our product. Plate All looks forward to changing the way you work with metal. Why be ordinary when you can be EXTRAORDINARY! Your possibilities with the Plate All team are truly endless!!